The Laboratory for Clean Energy Technology is located at UNESP, São José do Rio Preto. Join our group.

We are a group of chemists, physicists and biologists who make, study, and use a variety of interesting materials. Our areas of interest include mesoporous, micro and nanoporous solids for catalytic applications, biopolymers and also inorganic nanoparticles for cancer treatment.

The projects in our group all involve the control and understanding of material properties on micro, meso and nanometer length scales. Some of us develop new chemical approaches to synthesize new mesoporous and microporous materials with the purpose of using them as heterogeneous catalysts for application in the fine chemical and petrochemical industries. The search of new catalysts and processes for the production of clean and renewable energy from biomass is also a strong scientific commitment in our group. Others focus on the preparation of inorganic nanoparticles and their exploration as non-viral vectors for cancer treatment as well the syntheses of inorganic nanoparticles for environmental remediation.

Finally, it is our hope that all of our materials research may impact emerging technologies for application in areas as diverse as medicine, fine chemical and petrochemical and environmental. We are committed to exploring these exciting directions and identifying the underlying scientific issues which will be central to their eventual success. Thanks for taking your time and visiting us!